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R High-Frequency Artic Packet
May 09, 2019

R High-Frequency Artic Materials

Hi Lovely Readers -

I finished R!! Yeah!!!

Now, I am a bit uncomfortable sending lots and lots of sales emails. They can be annoying. I apologize. However, I know a bunch of you requested R so I wanted to let you know it is ready for purchase! I also am aware that a few of you want just the flashcards. I'm working on compiling the flashcards into one product. I'll let you know when that is done.

Okay, to even out the "annoyingness" of sales emails, I provided a link to a free /r/ dot marker/dice page.


R High-Frequency Articulation Materials

Members...don't buy anything!

If you are a member, all these materials are free. Just click this link: Articulation Worksheets For Members

Free Dot Marker Sheet

Spring Dot Marker Activity

Speech-Language Materials

Affordable & Effective Materials

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