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Want To See Private Patients?
September 06, 2016

Private Practice Documenation

I decided to start seeing patients privately a few years ago even though it has always been a dream of mine!

I LOVE the flexibility, freedom, and being my own boss. If you want to chat about private practice, always feel free to send me a note.

One tricky part about private practice can be the paperwork. Luckily, the internet has helped a lot with this but it can still be TIME CONSUMING!

After a lot of trial and error, I have finally found a system that works for me and I wanted to help others as well.

Check out our Case History Form (seriously my favorite thing ever!) and our private practice documentation startup.

Happy Short Week!

This form allows you to collect important information easily, stay organized, save postage and save TIME. I am very proud of this one!

Case History Form

Starting a private practice can be overwhelming, I know! The packet will give a little boost and help you stay organized while you make the amazing leap!

Private Practice Start Up Packet

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