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Articulation & Phonological Awareness - Free Materials!
August 11, 2020

Articulation & Phonological Awareness

This spring (the infamous COVID-19 pandemic of 2020), I took advantage of the ASHA's learning pass. I had the pleasure of watching "Early, Persistent, and Remediated Speech Sound Disorders: There Is More to the Story" presented by Kelly Farquharson, PhD, CCC-SLP

If you have the time and/or budge, I highly suggest it! I learned a lot and it validates what I have been feeling for a LONG TIME.

Speech and language development are connected. USUALLY, there is no such thing "just an articulation kid." These cases are more complicated than they appear!

For my readers, I have FREE samples of the initial phonological awareness worksheet (one is very interactive for teletherapy) and "warm-up" slides.

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A lot of great stuff coming soon!

Articulation: Phonological Awareness Slides

I have uploaded
  • 26 PowerPoint initial phonological awareness slides
  • 26 adobe worksheets for phonological awareness
  • Google Slides "Warm-Up

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Phonological Awareness Materials

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