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Free Minimal Pair "Deck"
September 21, 2020

Minimal Pairs

Minimal Pairs! I have been missing you!!

I use minimal pairs/auditory discrimination A LOT during in-person treatment. However, I didn't have many materials for remote therapy, especially since I tended to just write a list of words or draw them on a scratch piece of paper. fix this issue, I made some "decks" using Google Slides. They are simple and effective.

For those who are a bit lost, minimal pairs are 2 words that differ by one sound. For example, "cat" and "bat" are minimal pairs because they differ by only the first sound/phoneme /k/ and /b/.

Click the image below to read more about minimal pairs and how to use them in treatment. For the free "deck," click the image or keep scrolling!

Minimal Pairs Using Google Slides

Free Materials


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For current members, this is also an option. Once on the site, just click on "update profile."

Attention Members

Language: Google Slides

Please check out the fall/Halloween decks! They are cute and motivating for remote therapy and in-person treatment.

The activities are listed under "fall."

  • Opposites-easy
  • Opposites-hard
  • Opposites-medium
  • Function
  • Synonyms
  • Main Ideas/Details
  • Halloween Vocab
  • Fall Vocab
  • Synonymns

Articulation: Google Slides

I have uploaded the following materials in Google Slides. Don't forget to click "present" to use.

These are the following minimal pair decks that are completed and uploaded.

  • S/SH Minimal Pairs
  • S/T Minimal Pairs
  • W/L Minimal Pairs
  • CH/T Minimal Pairs
  • G/D Minimal Pairs
  • Voiced TH/D Minimal Pairs
  • Voiceless TH/F Minimal Pairs
  • K/T Minimal Pairs
  • F/B Minimal Pairs
  • R/W Minimal Pairs
  • R/P Minimal Pairs
  • V/B Minimal Pairs
  • J/D Minimal Pairs
  • S/TH Minimal Pairs

Access Materials Here

Fall Games
Minimal Pairs

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