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Leveled Flashcards Done
August 28, 2019

High-Frequency Flaschards Done!!!

I FINISHED the high-frequency leveled flashcards!!! Phew, that was a task. 60 pages to be exact.

They are ready for members at: Articulation Worksheets For Members For everyone else, they SHOULD be ready for purchase by Friday or early next week.

I absolutely LOVE these flashcards. I put a lot of effort and deliberation into making them. My main goals were:

1. Less ink since ink is EXPENSIVE (pictures are simple, lines are clean, and there are no "frills.") Why do SLPs always feel the need to be cute? Not me!

2. Smoothe transition between word, phrase, and sentence levels. Too many times, articulation materials cram a million words with the target sound in them. However, if a child can do that, does he/she need to be in speech therapy? Instead, these materials ONLY have the target word with the target sound at each level!! This helps children transition between each level easier.

3. High-frequency words - These cards focus on words that children will actually say outside of the therapy room. Yeah!


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