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Articulation Materials - You Don't Want To Miss This
January 06, 2020

Articulation Materials

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

This email will be much longer than my usual emails. If you are short on time and want to skip to the free resources, please scroll to the bottom. If you have a minute, settle in and learn about all the NEW and AMAZING resources (564 pages to be exact) that took about a year to create.

About one year ago, I read an article review from Informed SLP (which if you haven’t checked out, please do) that looked at the words/stimuli used in articulation therapy. It compared nonsense words to low-frequency words to high-frequency words. This article REALLY got me thinking. I put so much effort into a good, individualized therapy program for clients. I thought a lot about cueing, motivation, activities, and generalization. However, I tended, like all of us, to grab the closest deck of cards for materials.

However, I started thinking, why am I practicing “thigh” for TH (thank you super duper) when my student might never say that word within the next week or month outside of therapy? I need to be practicing “the” and “this.” With this realization, I started to scour the internet for good articulation materials using high-frequency words. To save you some time, there aren’t any. So, I decided to make some.

This time around, I wanted to be more purposeful with the creation of my materials. Not only did I want materials with high-frequency words, but I needed materials that focused on parent education and explicit teaching. Too often kids and parents don’t know what they are working on. I needed materials that reviewed the muscles and goals at the beginning of each session and focused on self-assessment at the end.

My needs:

1. Materials that used high-frequency words

2. Materials with simple graphics/clean lines (printing is expensive)

3. Materials that take NO prep work (I don’t have time to cut or glue)

4. Sentence level practice sheets that don’t jam in a million occurrences of a target sound (sets clients up for failure)

5. Materials that can be used for 3 year olds and 10 year olds

6. Explicit teaching materials that review goals and articulators

7. Self-assessment sheets

8. Parent education

9. Home practice games

10. Home practice worksheets

I created a plan and then I created 564 pages of materials!!!!

Buy ALL Materials

You can purchase all the materials for ALL sounds which include:

  • Warm-up sheets
  • Review of articulators
  • Word Lists
  • Cue cards
  • Self-assessment sheets
  • Sentence level practice worksheets
  • Parent Education sheets
  • Generalization games for therapy or home practice
  • Cariboo cards/flashcards
  • Leveled flashcards (my ultimate favorite)
  • Dot marker sheets
The Ultimate Articulation Packet

Buy Bundled Materials

Warm-Up Sheets/Cue Cards/Generalization Games/Parent Handouts
Cariboo Cards/Flashcards
Leveled Flashcards (Word/Phrase/Sentence) - My Favorite!
Seasonal Dots and Smashmats
Materials for Individual Sound (Scroll to middle of the page)

FREE SH Materials

Just for reading this massive email and to give all my lovely readers a freebie, I included SH for FREE! You can only get it free HERE and in this email so don't delete it :)
FREE SH Materials
Thanks for reading and Happy 2020!

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