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High Frequency Cariboo Cards
September 30, 2019

High-Frequency Cariboo Cards

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for all the "sales emails" but since my children are back in school, I actually have time to work! I have been planning these materials out for awhile and have been desperately needing them. So, I am thrilled to be able to share these High Frequency Cariboo cards with you!

I use flashcards for about everything from warm-up to drill to "generalization" games. However, all the cards that I have contain quite odd vocabulary of which children hardly ever use.

Therefore, I created these flashcards to change that! They use high-frequency vocab words!

Of course, these flashcards will fit the Cariboo game, but I use them as my "go-to" flashcards as well.

Some of my favorite uses are:* Hit a card with a bean bag* Memory* Go Fish* "jump from card to card"* Pick a card before taking a turn in a game* Choose two cards and make a silly sentence* Obviously the ideas are endless.....


Cariboo Cards Using High-Frequency Words

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