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Trick or Treat Cards & Halloween Freebie Recap
October 28, 2020

Trick or Treat Cards

Happy almost Halloween!

I am not sure how Halloween is looking for you guys but here it will be very different than usual! We have a DIY PVC pipe thingy for candy, will be wearing masks, not stuffing our faces with candy as we trick or treat, and limiting the houses we go to.

Since things have been so crazy, I almost forgot about these free downloads for trick or treat cards for children who have trouble communicating.

If you need them, please click the link below.

trick or treat cards

Halloween Freebie Recap

In case you want to make your last sessions before Halloween a little extra "Halloweeny," I attached all my free materials here.
The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything
Halloween Board Games (Google Slides)
Free Halloween Activities (Free interactive PDF and in person materials)
Trick or Treat Why Game
Free L Pumpkin Game Sample (Google Drive Pumpkin Game)

Attention Members

Just to remind you, I have all the Halloween and Fall activates under the fall tab!

Also, I am ALMOST done with Winter hidden pictures in PowerPoint. Be on the look out!

Halloween Materials

Don't forget to use:

  • Trick or Treat PowerPoint Game
  • Pumpkin PowerPoint Game
  • Google Slides Board Games
  • Hidden Pictures Games
  • Flashcard Reinforcers
  • Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything
  • Big Pumpkin Story Companion
  • Leaves Story Companion

Halloween Games
Story Companions

WH Questions

  • What Deck
  • Where Deck
  • When Deck
  • Why Deck
  • What Happened Deck
  • Spring Deck
  • Fall Deck
  • Winter Deck
  • Summer Deck/li>

WH questions

Tier 2 Vocab Decks

Remember, use these decks in present mode or they won't work.

  • K Verbs
  • K Seasons/Weather
  • K Classroom Words
  • 1st Verbs
  • 1st Math Words/li>
  • 1st Feelings
  • 2nd Verbs
  • 2nd Science/li>
  • 2nd Classroom Words
  • 3rd Verbs
  • 3rd Science/li>
  • 3rd Geography

vocabulary materials

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