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Free WH Question Materials
May 13, 2020

WH Questions

WH Questions! Speech therapists LOVE to worry about WH questions! Right?

Some, especially parents, might be asking why?

Now, this page is for Kindergarten and early elementary students. However, if you have an older child with a WH question goal, there is good information for you too.

First, why do SLPs care so much about WH questions? I actually had to stop and think about this for a second. I’m so used to assessing this ability, worrying about children’s progress, planning goals and activities that I even had to stop and say…. why in the world do I care so much?

However, the answer is both simple and complicated. Answering WH questions takes a lot of different language skills.

Click below to learn more.

WH Questions Page

Free WH Google Slides

Free :)
who slides I have uploaded the following materials

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Language: Google Slides

I have uploaded:

  • His/her Pronouns
  • Sequence: Grow a Carrot
  • Sequence: Make a PBJ
  • Why Slides

Articulation - Google Slides

  • K Initial
  • K Medial
  • K Final
  • S Initial
  • S Medial
  • S Final
  • CH Initial
  • CH Medial
  • CH Final
  • TH Final

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