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Free Summer Ideas and More Google Slides
May 18, 2020

Free Summer Ideas

Hi everyone!! Happy ALMOST SUMMER. I know for school SLPs and parents (including myself) that this can't come fast enough. E-Learning has been a handful and we will be toasting when it is over!!

Below, I have a link for parents or professionals to share with parents. It is just some fun ways to incorporate speech and language learning while playing this summer. It is easy and "school-like" free. Kids will appreciate that.

Also, I have been working hard on making some materials for my "paid site." For a sneak peek, keep scrolling. There is a "deck" that can be used for initial /g/ practice and/or preposition practice.

Summer Therapy ideas

Free WH Google Slides

Free :)
Initial G & Preposition Practice: Google Slides

Attention Members

Language: Google Slides

I have uploaded:

  • Who, Where, What Happened
  • Vocabulary - Where do you find it?Initial G - With Preposition Practice
  • Medial G - With Preposition Practice
  • Final G - With Preposition Practice

Articulation - Google Slides

  • G Initial
  • G Medial
  • G Final
  • R Initial
  • R Medial
  • R Final
  • Z Initial
  • Z Medial
  • Z Final

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Teletherapy language Materials
Artic Materials

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