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*Limited Time* FREE SH Resources
April 09, 2019

Free SH Resources

Hi Guys!

I need your help. I have been needing articulation therapy materials that uses high-frequency words (for the generalization phase of therapy) and that isn't too cutesy or fancy. I work for myself and have to print all my own materials. I have discovered that ink is EXPENSIVE. I need functional and adaptable.

Since I couldn't find anything I liked, I have been making my own materials. I have finished a rough draft of SH.

It has cariboo cards (which can be flashcards), dot marker/smash mat/color pages, flashcards that is grouped by phonetic constraints, and some sentence level practice.

I decided to email you all a FREE copy of these materials (rough draft) with the request that you email me some feedback.

Do you like it? What else would you like?Any mistakes?Should I make more?

If you request it, I may just make it!

This is a limited time and you won't find these materials on the website so open it here! Don't delay.

Thanks for your help!


Therefore, I

Free Materials

SH Packet 1
SH Packet 2

High-Frequency Speech Therapy

This is all based on this: High-Frequency Speech Therapy

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