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Free Self Assessment Tool
August 14, 2019

Free Self-Assessment Tool

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed your summer. Mine just FLEW by. I was teary-eyed dropping my children off at school today but I am ready for more time to be here with you guys.

Below, I provided a link to one of my favorite tools. All too often, speech therapists forget to share each child's goal with them EACH session. This is such a wasted opportunity for progress. If children aren't directly aware or reminded about what they are working on, they don't know what to focus their energy on. They don't know if they are being successful. They don't know why they are in speech.

I created an EASY tool for speech therapists to use to review goals at the beginning of each session and review progress at the end.


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Video Explaining On How To Use This Video

Self-Assessment Tool Video

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