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Free K Materials
June 25, 2019

Free K Materials

Alright my wonderful readers, I am ENJOYING my summer! I re-arranged my schedule to have a few days off each week with my kids. Since my youngest doesn't need naps, we are out exploring our world! I have also "unplugged" from my phone for HOURS at a time during the day. If you haven't tried, I suggest it. I forgot how much I actually enjoy my own thoughts

Anyway, for these reasons, the creation of my high-frequency materials is a bit slow going. Per multiple requests, I am focusing on leveled Flashcards and small flashcards (cariboo cards). I have finished /l/ and /k/ and have started /g/. They are not for sale yet but for being awesome, I attached a few free cards to this email.


Speech Therapy Using High-Frequency Words

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