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Free Interactive Halloween Games
October 13, 2020

Halloween Interactive Games

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

This is (most likely) my final Halloween Freebie email. I always feel extra festive this time of year. I have quite a few family birthdays in the fall, I love the weather and colors, and I met my wonderful husband 16 years ago on Halloween at a bar. I was in grad school and didn't have time to make a costume (no shocker there) so I grabbed whatever was left at the drugstore on the corner. My now husband was a gladiator (quite dashing if I say so myself). Very cheesy and very true! He had just come from Colombia to start his PhD, and I just returned from my semester abroad in Spain. We talked Spanish and the rest was history :)

To celebrate, I have a round-up of two more free Halloween materials. One is my FAVORITE new game that kids have been loving. I have a free trick or treat game in PowerPoint and a pumpkin/bat game in PowerPoint for members.

I ALSO have a free "why" practice game in Google Slides. Please click the image or link below and scroll to the bottom. In case you missed it, I have a free board game in Google Slides as well. Play that one in EDIT MODE.

This MAY be my last Halloween email. My children and I discovered that Costco, Home Depot, and Menards have moved on to Christmas and so must I. I will be BUSY making all the winter games this month!

Free Halloween Activities

Attention Members

There is A LOT NEW!

Holiday Games

If you have PowerPoint, these games are a MUST! My kids have LOVED THEM!!! I use them in many different ways. I have used them as a reinforcer/brain break, articulation (tie in sound in the carrier phrase), language (describe which one he/she wants to pick), and more! Most kids beg to play them all session.

I have 2 for Halloween and 2 for the winter holidays (almost done). Use in present mode and click "play again" for another slide. The bat/candy will move to another location.

  • Bat/Pumpkin Game
  • Trick or Treat Game


Holiday practice using Google Slides. Use these in present mode.

  • Why slides
  • Name a....(category practice)

Grammar Materials

If you haven't checked these grammar cards out, please do! Some are to be used in "present" mode and some are to be used in "edit" mode.

  • Because cards....
  • Superlatives (edit mode)
  • Adjective Phrase (missing one word)
  • Adjective Phrase (missing all words)
  • Adjective Sentence (missing one word)
  • Adjective Sentence (missing all words)
  • Adverb Phrase
  • Adverb Sentence
  • Present progressive
  • Present progressive plus direct object
  • Regular past tense
  • 3rd personal singular
  • 3rd person plural
  • Irregular past tense
  • Irregular past tense plus direct object
  • Prepositions
  • Questions
  • Regular past tense
  • Regular past tense plus direct object

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Grammar Activities
Fall Games

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