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Free Fall Teletherapy Materials
September 03, 2020

Free Fall Teletherapy Materials

I apologize again about Monday's difficulties with the links. It just seems to be the theme of 2020 though!

To make it up to everyone, I have some MORE FREE teletherapy materials for my readers here and LOTS of new "decks" for my paid subscribers.

These speech therapy fall teletherapy materials that I created here are simple yet engaging. I used Google Slides as my medium since it seems that most people have access to this instead of PowerPoint or Adobe.

Click the links below to check them out!

Free Materials

CH Articulation Slides

Membership - Joining Updates

More news....You can finally join Speech Therapy Talk Membership Site with a credit card!!

This option is much easier and more "user friendly." You can even change your log in and password.

For current members, this is also an option. Once on the site, just click on "update profile."

Attention Members

Language: Google Slides

I have uploaded the following materials in Google Slides. Don't forget to "present" to use.
  • Prepositions
  • Where Cards
  • What Doing Cards
  • Group Cards

Articulation: Phonological Awareness Slides

I have uploaded the following pages in both PowerPoint and PDF:
  • CH
  • G
  • K
  • L
  • L-Blends
  • S
  • SH
  • R

Access Materials Here

Fall Games

Join Membership Site

If you want to become a member and access all these materials, click the link below.

Read More: Membership

Speech-Language Materials

Affordable & Effective Materials

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