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March 19, 2020

Free Articulation Ideas

Happy "what day is it?"

I quickly gathered some free articulation materials and ideas. I hope they help someone out there.

I am scrambling to set up teletherapy next week. I promise to share what I learn and offer any tips. Again, it might not be pretty and there may be more errors than usual, but at least I will get the info out for those who need it!

Word Lists

These pages have a word list for each sound and even blends that you can use for drill or to make flashcards. At the end, there is a quick review of how to make each sound and some simple quick practice ideas. Please share with parents if needed.
Word Lists

High-Frequency Word Lists

I make a case for using high-frequency words in therapy, and then, at the end of the page, you can access my word lists using only high-frequency words for free.
Access Free Word Lists

Overview of Artic Therapy

This a quick overview for parents so they know what is going on and to brush up on the lingo if they are attempting home practice!
Artic Therapy Overview

Articulation Cues Handouts

Overview of cueing techniques and a great handout to share with parents.
Handout - Articulation Therapy Cues
Web page - Explaining Cues

Home Practice Tips

Tips on doing home therapy while remaining sane.
Speech Therapy Home Practice Tips

Therapy Using Household Objects

Each of these "household therapy" ideas has an articulation portion. Just click on a page and explore.
Speech Therapy Using Household Objects

Speech-Language Materials

Affordable & Effective Materials

Keep In Touch!


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