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Free Adjective Slides!
October 05, 2020

Free Adjective Slides

Happy Monday Everyone!!!

It seems that my new grammar slides last week were quite popular and I humbly agree. They are engaging but not too engaging (if that makes sense). The child is able to concentrate on the task but still have some interactiveness.

Also, grammar materials just seem to be lacking in general, especially in teletherapy-friendly formats!

Since it seems that people need these, I made some more!

I made 6 "decks" that focus on adjectives and adverbs. They vary in difficulty from phrases to sentences. If you want, you can target other grammar skills as well. In the sentence "decks," I varied the verb tense just so verbs can be targeted if needed

Note: These decks are not "unscramble" decks. They are to be used in "present" mode!

If you would like a free sample, click below!.

Free Sample

Free Adjective Phrase Activity

Missed the free unscramble activity?

In case you missed last weeks free "unscramble activity," click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.
Grammar Page - Free Past Tense Activity

Attention Members

There is A LOT NEW!


New Google Slide Companion!!! This one is for "Big Pumpkin." It is a cute story. The story companion targets language skills, though you can tie in a lot of articulation practice with this book too.

  • Big Pumpkin
  • More to come!

Grammar Materials

These grammar cards have been quite popular! Some are to be used in "present" mode and some are to be used in "edit" mode. The new adjective/adverb cards are to be used in "present mode!"

  • Because cards....
  • Superlatives (edit mode)
  • Adjective Phrase (missing one word)
  • Adjective Phrase (missing all words)
  • Adjective Sentence (missing one word)
  • Adjective Sentence (missing all words)
  • Adverb Phrase
  • Adverb Sentence
  • Present progressive
  • Present progressive plus direct object
  • Regular past tense
  • 3rd personal singular
  • 3rd person plural
  • Irregular past tense
  • Irregular past tense plus direct object
  • Prepositions
  • Questions
  • Regular past tense
  • Regular past tense plus direct object

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