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Flashcards are DONE!!!
September 05, 2019

High-Frequency Flaschards Done!!!

The high-frequency leveled flashcards are for sale!!! All 69 pages! Again, I love these flashcards because:

1. They use high-frequency words. This means children practice words that they may actually say again outside of the therapy room.

2. The words, phrases, and sentences were picked out carefully. I personally can’t stand when sentence level practice just jams in a million occurrences of the target sound. It is TOO HARD for children to transition from the phrase level to the sentence level when that happens and it destroys confidence. Instead, these cards take a single words seamlessly through each level since each level only has ONE occurrence of the target sound.

If you are interested, click the link below. They are only $9. Enjoy!3. Images are simple and lines are clean. Ink is EXPENSIVE and I want to save everyone money.

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