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Android Users
June 13, 2017

Are you an Android user?

Yes? Me too! I love all things android besides the lack of educational apps (not that I use apps all that much)! So, to solve this problem, I just made my own :)

Articulation Flashcards app is a no-nonsense speech therapy app with more than 1,050 flashcards for Android users that can used for speech and language therapy.

This app is designed and created by me, a practicing speech language pathologist who also happens to be an Android user. I’m not a fancy programmer. I’m just a speech language pathologist who is sick and tired of carrying around articulation flashcards and I’m not about to buy an Apple product :)

Therefore, I created this app and I love it! I use it ALL THE TIME!

You can buy it at:
Google Play Flashcards App
Amazon Flashcards App
Read more about it by clicking the picture or link below.

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