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More Artic & Phono Awareness - Free Materials!
August 24, 2020

Articulation & Phonological Awareness....continued!

I'm still on a phonological awareness and articulation kick! I have seen such an improvement with my clients, that I'm still busy making materials.

For those of you who missed the previous email, just click the image or link below to catch up. There are some free downloads on that page for fun PowerPoint interactive materials. When you are done reading, don't forget to come back and get more free materials.

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This week, I have been making PowerPoint "I spy" sheets with final sounds. I have been using these materials to work on phonological awareness, vocabulary, and articulation. The kids have been loving them.

For those of you who don't have PowerPoint, I did make a PDF copy. You can print them (though the answers are on the sheet) or share your screen and annotate to "cross off" correct guesses.

Please click below for a free copy of final TH.

Free Materials

Final TH PowerPoint
Final TH - PDF

Membership - Joining Updates

More news....You can finally join Speech Therapy Talk Membership Site with a credit card!!

This option is much easier and more "user friendly." You can even change your log in and password.

For current members, this is also an option. Once on the site, just click on "update profile."

Attention Members

I have some exciting news for you guys!!!

I am reorganizing the entire site so materials can be quickly found! I am also working on some awesome language materials that should be out soon.

My Sept Goal is to make book companions for my favorite Epic books using Google Slides so if you have any suggestions or requests, please respond to this email!

Language: Google Slides

A lot of great stuff coming soon!

Articulation: Phonological Awareness Slides

I have uploaded the following pages in both PowerPoint and PDF:
  • Final B: I SPY
  • Final CH: I SPY
  • Final D: I SPY
  • Final F: I SPY
  • Final G: I SPY
  • Final J: I SPY
  • Final K: I SPY
  • Final L: I SPY
  • Final M: I SPY
  • Final N: I SPY
  • Final P: I SPY
  • Final R: I SPY
  • Final S: I SPY
  • Final SH: I SPY
  • Final T: I SPY
  • Final TH: I SPY
  • Final V: I SPY
  • Final Z: I SPY

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I Spy - Phonological Awareness

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