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Speech Therapy Fall Materials
October 19, 2016

Speech Therapy Fall Activity

I created a simple speech therapy fall activity as a reinforcer for my articulation students, but as the day went on, I realized this simple activity could be adapted for all my students.

As I gain more and more experience working with children, I realize that the more functional and simple therapy materials are the better. The complicated, step-by-step, materials aren’t what communication is all about. Instead, adapting daily activities/work/experiences to create speech and language learning is the way to go.

Therefore, this simple fall speech therapy material can be adapted to create the specific speech and language learning opportunity need for your child/client/student.

Now, for the creative types with free time, gathering leaves and other fall manipulatives outside is probably the most functional. However, that is not the cards for me this season.. So, if you are short on time, this one is for you :)

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Speech Therapy Fall Activity

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