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FREE Handouts for Early Intervention
April 17, 2020

Teletherapy For Early Intervention

Happy Friday -

I apologize for all the emails but I have been creating so much and I hope that they can help some of you out there!

So....I will admit that early intervention and teletherapy is not my favorite combinations. I have learned quite a bit in just a short time but feel that I have a long way to go.

I wrote a page on my top tips and attached some free parent handouts to help with therapy. Click the link to access the material below.

EI and Teletherapy Tips

Free Downloads

Repeat-Expand-Repeat - Lunch
Home Activities For The Week

Attention Members

I created a specific page to this topic. There are LOTS of free games to send home to parents to practice specific techniques. Bare with me, it is A LOT!

Late Talker Handouts

  • Strategies for specific activities (create your own)
  • Brainstorm times of day for practice
  • Top 5 Tips
  • Late Talker Overview
  • Late Talker Strategies

´╗┐Set The Scene For Strong Communication

  • Set The Scene Games (How to Talk To Your Child)
  • Set the Scene (With scripts)

Simplify Language (Parent Overview)

  • Simplify Language Practice Games For Parents - Blocks
  • Simplify Language Practice Games For Parents - Food

Imitation Games

  • Not Imitating Game - Meals
  • Not Imitating Games - Cars
  • Imitating Gestures Games
  • Imitating Stuffed Animal Game
  • Imitating Puppet Games

3 Strikes & You Win Overview

  • 3 Strikes & You Win- Meals
  • 3 Strikes & You Win Playtime

How To Ask Questions - Overview

  • Asking Questions Games - Toys
  • Asking Questions Games - Meals
  • How To Expand First Words

How To Expand First Words

  • Repeat-Expand-Repeat - Meals
  • Repeat-Expand-Repeat - Reading
  • Repeat-Expand-Repeat - Walking

Measure Progress

  • Common First Words
  • Milestones 0-5

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