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More Christmas Games!
December 10, 2020

Christmas Games

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Since we are getting closer to Christmas, I have been busy making more Christmas materials. The games below are near and dear to my heart. Since the story is so cute, I'm going to share it with you.

Again, I usually try to stick to winter themes so everyone of any background can use them, but my son insisted on making these games.

My 6-year-old is doing full remote learning at the moment. On the mornings that I work from home, he has been running downstairs during his breaks to "make epic games with mommy."

For the games below, he honestly designed the idea, picked out all the graphics, and directed me on how to put them together! The funny part is that most of the games involve "cleaning up." You can tell what I have been pushing at home!

After he finished "making epic games," he ran back up to "class" and bragged to his teacher and friends that he got to "make epic games with mommy." There is a silver lining to everything :)

For a free sample of the Santa game, click the image or link below.

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PowerPoint Games

These games are to be used in PowerPoint. Enjoy!

  • Clean Room For Santa
  • Decorate Gingerbread House
  • Find Gingerbread Man
  • Find the Present
  • Find Santa
winter games

Christmas Prepositions

These are located under the Winter tab. Please use them in Google Slides and press "present" before playing.

  • In VS On
  • Behind VS In Front Of
  • Over VS Next To VS Under
  • Mixed

Tier 2 Quick Decks

Tier 2 vocabulary quick decks. Use these in "present" mode.

  • Definitions
  • Use in a sentence
  • What's another word...
  • Opposites

Christmas I Spy

Google Slides for Christmas I Spy. Use these in "present" mode.

  • Deck 1 - with language prompts
  • Deck 2 - with language prompts
  • Deck 3 - with language prompts
  • Deck 4 - with language prompts
  • Blank Christmas I Spy Materials
winter games

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