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Celebrate Diversity
November 09, 2016

Celebrate Diversity

Hi Everyone! It has been a crazy day for everyone and I decided to send out an email saying we love all of you! Thank you for being you and being part of Speech Therapy Talk.

In our of acceptance and love, I wanted to share some information on being bilingual and bilingualism in language development.

If you don't click on any links, I want you, parent and professionals, to take away one message.....

Being bilingual DOES NOT cause a speech or language delay


Speaking only one language WILL NOT cure a speech or language delay.

For more information, explore some links below. There is a little bit for everyone :)

Raising a Bilingual Child

Read More On Raising A Bilingual Child

Bilingualism & Language Develoment

Bilingualism & Language Development

Bilingual Speech Therapy

Bilingual Speech Therapy

Okay, enough reading for now. I'll send you some more a little later. Enjoy!

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Have a safe, sweet, happy Halloween.

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