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Articulation Teletherapy Tips & Free Handouts!
October 07, 2020

Articulation Teletherapy Tips

Happy Hump Day!

I have been getting a lot of questions about how I run teletherapy sessions. Therefore, I decided to do a "how to guide" broken down into 2 parts. This email will focus on articulation.

I have actually grown to appreciate teletherapy and honestly don't want to give it up! Over the past 6 months, I have perfected my therapy programs for articulation and below I outline how I do it. It is effortless and effective.

I only use 3 websites to effortlessly create awesome therapy sessions that kids love! The plan time is next to nothing and kids are making great progress!

How To EASILY Plan and Execute Articulation Therapy

Free Handouts

I feel that introducing goals is crucial. For reading this email, I attached a bonus "warm-up" for SH and cues to send home to parents.
Updated SH Warm-Up Worksheet
SH Cues

Attention Members

There is A LOT NEW!


New holiday game for WHY using Google Slides.

New Google Slide Companion!!! This one is for "Big Pumpkin." It is a cute story. The story companion targets language skills, though you can tie in a lot of articulation practice with this book too.

  • Big Pumpkin
  • Why Game in Google Slides

Grammar Materials

These grammar cards have been quite popular! Some are to be used in "present" mode and some are to be used in "edit" mode. The new adjective/adverb cards are to be used in "present mode!"

  • Because cards....
  • Superlatives (edit mode)
  • Adjective Phrase (missing one word)
  • Adjective Phrase (missing all words)
  • Adjective Sentence (missing one word)
  • Adjective Sentence (missing all words)
  • Adverb Phrase
  • Adverb Sentence
  • Present progressive
  • Present progressive plus direct object
  • Regular past tense
  • 3rd personal singular
  • 3rd person plural
  • Irregular past tense
  • Irregular past tense plus direct object
  • Prepositions
  • Questions
  • Regular past tense
  • Regular past tense plus direct object

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Grammar Activities
Story Companions

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