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Teletherapy Google Articulation Slides - Done!
August 05, 2020

Articulation Flashcards...Done!

What a summer! I have been taking a bit of a haitus from emails to spend time with my boys, shake off some stress before it all starts again, see my private clients, and work on Speech Therapy Talk site!

It has been a summer of huge ups and downs but here we are. It looks like teletherapy/distance learning is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

In complete honestly, I actually have grown to like it! My clients have been making the same amount of progress or actually even more. I realize that for certain clients teletherapy just doesn't work, but for those that it does, it really does!

One hiccup has been access to decent materials that aren't full of ads. There are slim pickings out there.

I have GRAND PLANS that hopefully will come to light as I prepare to work full time and provide distance learning to my children. We will see?!

In the meantime, for members, I have finished the Google Slides Flashcards for all articulation sounds (besides a few blends - I'm still working on those).

For my email readers, thanks for being here and I have some free resources for you too! Just click below.

Free WH Google Slides

I'm still busy making Google Slides for my paying members. For my readers, click below for free D Slides.
Initial D slides
Medial D Slides
Final D Slides

Attention Members

Language: Google Slides

A lot of great stuff coming soon!

Articulation: Google Slides - Whats New!

I have uploaded
  • B Initial
  • B Medial
  • B Final
  • D Initial
  • D Medial
  • D Final
  • M Initial
  • M Medial
  • M Final
  • N Initial
  • N Medial
  • N Final
  • P Initial
  • P Medial
  • P Final
  • T Initial
  • T Medial
  • T Final
  • V Initial
  • V Medial
  • V Final

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