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Articulation Apps
October 10, 2016

Articulation Apps!

I finally got tired of children with articulation needs NOT making progress! I use to think it was me, but then...I realized I may the one to blame...

I took a good, long look at service delivery in schools and clinics as well as materials available for parents. While shiny cards and fancy apps look fun, they are NOT what children need. While 30 min sessions with 5 other students all with different goals might meet minute needs, it isn't getting my students anywhere (that is another topic all together though....stay tuned for more information on other service delivery options!).

I knew apps were a good platform to share information and I started looking into making fancy apps with fancy graphics and games but it is VERY expensive, which means the apps would be VERY expensive to buy. I realized....what am I doing??? These fancy apps don't help parents or my students. They can be fun for awhile and pretty but not functional

After lots of professional reflection and research review, I created a not so shiny app that will actually help children with who have articulation needs.

In order for your child to make progress with articulation goals, he/she needs to be able to say the desired sounds within words and then practice that skill in a functional setting such as home using words he/she actually says! For example, a child may say R correctly in the word "rake" while playing a game; however, he/she most likely won't say that word again for weeks or months. Not really functional.....

However, if a child practices R while eating dinner when asking for "more grapes," carryover of progress is likely to happen!

These articulation apps are created with this philosophy in mind. It will take a bit more work for parents, but it will pay off in the end!

At the moment, they are only available on Google Play and Amazon Markets

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