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Want To Make Some Money?
January 07, 2021

Want To Make Some Money?

Hi Guys -

This is a different email than usual. I'm going out on a limb and trying something new. This is VERY NEW for me but I thought there may be a few of you out there that might want to try this out!

I just set up an affiliate program for Speech Therapy Talk's Membership site.

I want to pause right now and reassure you that this is NOT an MLM scheme.

Instead, affiliates simply make money by recommending a product to website readers, social media followers, friends, and/or colleagues. If a person signs up using their link, then they get paid. That is it! Super easy!

I am trialing this idea. I'm not sure if there is interest.

If you are interested, please click the image or link below to learn more about it and/or sign up for a FREE account.

Want To Make Some Money?

Join Membership Site

Our affordable membership site is $8.50. If you need some awesome, teletherapy-friendly materials, check it out!

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