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Speech Therapy While Cooking!
May 19, 2016

Welcome all of our new readers! We have a lot of new things going on here. Our members section is growing, yeah! Since a lot of new members are professionals, I will be adding a home program section for articulation. There will be parent handouts, home practice program, flashcards, word lists and more!

I am making Google Docs and PDF forms for parent information sheets to handout after an evaluation or during treatment. Lots of good stuff like developmental milestones, bilingual language acquisition, and speech/language home activities.

Lastly, I will share all of the record keeping forms in Google Drive. It will make your life easier, I promise!

All handouts and home program materials will be translated into Spanish as well as soon as my darling husband can :) So professionals keep a look out and parents, please browse through all the handouts. Lots of good info!

In the meantime, there is a new page up about how to work on speech/language skills while cooking!

Speech Therapy While Cooking

Working on speech and language skills at home doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult. Check out our speech therapy activities cooking for some easy tips by clicking the link below.

There are goals that target:

Vocabulary: Toddler to Early Elementary

Following Directions: Preschool to Early Elementary

Complex Language Tasks: Toddler to Early Elementary Students

Executive Functioning: Toddler to Early Elementary Students

Social Skills: All ages

Articulation: All ages

Speech Therapy & Educator Resources: Printable Pages

Speech Therapy While Cooking

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