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Spanish Flashcards
October 21, 2016

Spanish Flashcards

Happy Friday everyone!

We have FINISHED our Spanish flashcards. This was shockingly quite an endeavor. Since there are 12 flashcards for each sound in each position, some sounds will have 24 cards and some sounds will have 36. One would think that this day and age, compiling 57 pages of flashcards would be easy….well it is surprisingly not. Anyway, enough venting to thousands of my closest friends :)

They are ready and in ONE pdf document!

To make things more functional, my husband and I created 14 flashcard game handouts that explain general flashcard games that parents can play at home. These games include some classics like matching and some of my own creations. There are games for kids 18 months to late elementary/middle school. For those who are not Spanish speaking, the English translation is available as well.

To keep things organized for you, we included the Spanish translation of “Articulation Practice Parent Cheat Sheet” and a customizable home practice handout.

Of course, if you are a member, you have access to all of this so please don’t buy it :)

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