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January 15, 2018

There Was A Cold Lady...

Hello, my fellow readers! I have some exciting news!

First of all, I have yet another story companion for you. This is another one of my favorite winter books, but before I get to that, I want to go over my exciting news….

As many of you know, I have transitioned from working in schools to running my own private practice and as much as I LOVE it, I can no longer depend on my wonderful co-workers for materials (which I did a lot and thank you again for your help - you know who you are).

Now, I have to make my own materials! This can be a TIME-CONSUMING process but I’m starting to hit my groove. My favorite materials are and have always been story companions so that has been a current focus of mine.

These story companions have been quite popular with all of you for good reason. They create easy, effective therapy sessions for varying levels of children who have differing goals. Also, parents can easily use these materials during story time at home.

So, the exciting news part of our membership program, you will receive one story companion EACH MONTH. Now, story companions are $5 and our membership is $5.99. This basically means that for $.99 extra you will receive hundreds of pages of materials, guides, templates, and more as well!

It is important to note that, I add way more than one story companion each month; however, you are guaranteed AT LEAST, THE VERY LEAST, one story companion. This way, the membership almost pays for itself.

I’m working on starting a separate email list just for members so I can update all of you to what is added when it is added. I add things weekly such as my new templates for tracking progress and articulation development reference handouts. So, current members, be on the lookout for that.

Let’s move on to the good stuff now.

I have a new story companion for There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow.

Click the image or link below to check that out.

At the end of this email, I have some free samples for you readers since I love you so much :)

Book Companion

Free Sample

Click the link below to download a free sample of the this book companion.
Sample: Sequencing
Sample: Snowman Activity

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