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Better Speech & Hearing Month!
May 09, 2014

May is better speech and hearing month! This month is all about educating the public on the importance of communication and communication disorders and well as celebrate!

To celebrate we have some discounts on our eBooks just for you!

Books are Half Off!

Starting Today - Our Toddler Talk book, written for parents of children who are late talkers is 1/2 off, only $3.99!

Starting next week, our S tutorial books will be on sale as well. Like us on Facebook to see all the updates!

On a side not, we have quite an international group here. If you don't have access to Amazon Kindle in your country and are interested in our books, please let know. If there is a demand, I can look into other formats!

Toddler Talk

Speech and Language Checklists

If you haven't already checked out our "Speech Therapy For children, Does my child need it?" page, please do!

There are free speech and language checklists that help parents understand which speech and language skills are acquired at different ages.

It can help to answer questions if your child needs speech therapy, an evaluation, or is right on track.

They are a great and free place to start!

Get Checklists Now!

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