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Speech Therapy Talk: March Maddness
March 18, 2014

Hello my fellow reader! I hope this email finds you well and full of spring energy. We have 2 news pages up and lots of updates to our membership site. Please read on for full details!

My Son Is A Late Talker

As a speech therapist, this page is hard to write, but I believe important to discuss. My son is a late talker, gasp!

Logically, I know, it does not matter if my child is not talking as much as his friends. But as a parent, it can be difficult. I hope to show parents of late talkers that they are not alone and it is not your fault. There are many fun ways to help this process along!

My adorable son is wonderful at so many things. He is an expert at building towers, running, climbing, exploring, running some more, smiling at everyone, and greeting every person he sees with a “hi” or “bye.” He loves to turn pages in books, eats all of his fruits and vegetables, won’t touch cakes or cookies, gives an abundant amount of hugs, sleeps in until 8:00 am everyday, follows all my directions to pick up toys or get ready to go “bye bye,” and still runs and jumps in my arms when I pick him up from daycare.

The one thing lagging talking. My son is a late talker.

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Language Development Toys For Kids

My Soap Box! Children (and most likely adults) are too addicted to technology. All they talk about these days are TV, apps, computer games, and video games. To my shock, most of my students never even played in the snow and we had a lot of it this year!!

So, I decided to write a page dedicated to fun toys that also have language and cognitive development. A lot of these toys I use daily and my students go crazy for them! They even ask where they can buy them. There are relatively inexpensive compared to iPads and soooo much better!

These language development toys are appropriate for children ages 4-8 depending on interests and language level. There is something for everyone here. Enjoy!

To read more, click the link below.

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Membership Site

We have added /z/, "sh" and "ch" articulation pages. To be added in the next few weeks, /t/ and /d/.

We have been working hard on the language sections. We have added language games for ages 1-2 years old. This section is perfect for parents of late talkers. Language games for ages 2-3 is in the proofreading stage. It should be up by Thursday.

If you want to try it out, it is still 50% off as I continue to build each section.

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