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Summer Fun
June 24, 2014

It is summer, yeah!!! I have been more than enjoying the quality time I get to spend with my son. That is a big reason why things have been a little slower over here!

However, I have just vowed to dedicate some of my "free time" to professional growth. I plan on catching up on all the latest speech and language research and sharing what I learn with all of you. I know in previous jobs, I did not have the luxury of summers off so I intend to give back! For you parents out there, I will make my discussions applicable to you as well. We can all learn!

Okay, now that I have said it, I guess I better get reading. In the meantime, enjoy some free speech therapy ideas using water.

Free Speech Therapy: Water

Summer is finally here and it has inspired me! My toddler LOVES water and we spend quite a lot of time playing with the hose, buckets, cups, and a water table. As most of you know, he is a late talker and I seen quite a lot of progress during our "water speech therapy sessions!" As a bonus, he is having so much FUN!

Free Speech Therapy Water

Articulation Books

If you want to work with your child on their articulation skills this summer, don't forget to check our eBooks for easy practice ideas and all the materials that you will need. Click below and start exploring.

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