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Speech Therapy Talk: January Bonus Edition
January 29, 2014

It has been a COLD, COLD, COLD, COLD winter especially here in Chicago. I have been going a little crazy being stuck inside my house with an energetic toddler. However, it has given me some extra time to write. (Always a silver lining!) Enjoy our January Bonus Edition!

Speech therapy for children: Does my child need it? (Free checklists included)

I am asked almost on a daily by friends, parents, or strangers off the street (once they learn my profession of course), Is my child developing normally? Is he saying enough? Should he be talking more? Does he need an evaluation? Does my child need speech therapy?

The Answer You have Been Waiting For... I don't know! Every child and every family is unique with their own needs and dynamics. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The answer completely depends on your child and your family. When it comes to speech therapy for children, there are many areas to consider. To know if your child needs therapy, consider:

1. Screening results from an SLP or the checklists here!

2. Results from a formal evaluation

3. Information gathered from reputable sources

4. Your instincts!

Hopefully, this page will give you some insight into what to do.

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What's Coming up...Get Excited!

We have been working really really hard to get our membership portion of our site up!! This one-time-fee part of our website will be full of speech and language activities and games for children of all ages.

Instead of trying to find that worksheet or book under piles of toys, printing off one more Pinterest craft idea that is way too complicated, or buying one more app that always disappoints, parents can simply login, pull up a new activity and get practicing! That's it!

Games will be divided up by age and goal. We are working hard at the articulation portion (games and teaching techniques for every sound!)

If there is something you want to request that we start building first, fill out the contact form below.

Thanks for your input!!

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