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Speech Therapy Talk: January Bonus Edition
February 21, 2014

Anyone sick of winter?? My toddler and I agree that we have had enough!! To cheer everyone up, we accidentally discovered a great speech therapy game with my favorite vice. Also, all this indoor time has allowed for lots of writing time. Our membership site, still under construction, is live, yes live Find out more below!

Membership Program is Up & Running!!!

We have been WORKING HARD this cold winter with the help of lots of coffee to get our membership site up.

From all the questions and concerns from parents, I gathered some common themes....not enough therapy, therapy is too expensive, and how can I help my child more?

I have been can I help my readers the most?

Then it hit me...a membership site! I created a membership program that is VERY reasonable compared to therapy sessions where parents can find speech language activities that can be easily played in the home throughout the day. These games/ideas target specific speech language goals based on developmental milestones.

With a membership site, new material is added and updated. It is a dynamic and collaborative community.

HOWEVER, it is still in the developmental phase. Between working, being a mom, a wife, and moving...time slips away from me.

Since it is NOT completed, we are offering a HUGE discount. You join the program and enjoy all the new material that is added. I don't want my readers to miss out on great activities for common articulation goals while I build the rest of the site.

We appreciate any feedback as well. After all, I am building this for you!

Click below to find out more :)

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Free Speech Therapy Idea...Find Out More!

I LOVE coffee! Besides my family, friends, students, and patients, it may be the next in line on my favorite things on earth list. That is why I was devastated when I spilled an entire bag of organic, fair-trade Colombian coffee all over the kitchen.

As my son and I were cleaning up my heart-break, an idea hit me. Coffee is a deliciously smelling sensory activity with many language learning opportunities! Read on for our free speech therapy coffee ideas!

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