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August 10, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone and a big welcome to all of our new readers. You may have been wondering....where have I been?? What have I been doing all this time? It has been A YEAR!!!!

Well, I have been BUSY with a newborn, a toddler, working, reading, playing, swimming, and getting dirty in the park. It is true what they say, having 2 children is more than double the work. However, it has been good, fun, challenging and rewarding. I wanted to share with you all the great things that have been going on with my son's speech and language development. We are so proud of him :) Click below for more details!

Late Talkers: Bilingual Children

When my son started talking, most of his language was in English. He understood Spanish but wasn't speaking it yet. As a speech therapist and a mom, this issue was new for me. I had to really can I encourage more Spanish expressive language? I had my husband try different strategies and we found one that worked the best.

late talker bilingual

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