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April Fun
April 17, 2014

Hello again! I hope this newsletter finds you happy and full of energy as spring finally begins. We have had a busy month. Find out what's new below!

TV and Language Goals....Is it possible?

As much as we try to limit screen time, sometimes it isn’t always possible! I should know! Somehow my toddler has weaseled his way into watching an episode of “Curious George” a day. I blame his adorable smile :)

So instead of always fighting it, I decided to come up with some speech language learning activities for our older children that will make both of us happy!

Click below to find out more :)

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We have FINISHED the articulation section. This has been a lot of work but we are excited about it and have heard some great initial feedback!

The articulation section if perfect for children who are working on more than one sound. It provides step by step instruction on how to make the sound, how to teach the sound to your child, and then how to practice at the word and sentence levels. Free flashcards and word lists are also attached. The best part is that most games can be played easily throughout the day! A great supplement to any home practice.

Since the language section is still under construction, our one-time membership fee is still $10 off. Only $39.99 but it won't last long :)

Of course, let me know if you have any questions.

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