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2 FREE WH questions No-Print Materials
November 04, 2020

NO Print WH Questions

Hi guys!

To be honest, I almost skipped my Thursday email (tomorrow) due to all the craziness, but instead, moved it up a day! ha!

I started thinking,

  • many of you aren't from the US
  • we still have to show up for our clients/students and they deserve quality materials
  • free materials can bring some much needed joy!

Therefore, I included TWO free no-print WH questions materials to brighten your day.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how I target WH questions. It is such a complex goal that has so many facets. Honestly, I don't love it since many different factors (vocab, grammar, memory, etc...) affect accuracy. These factors also affect HOW you treat this area.

So, the materials I created today are for learning how to formulate questions as well as answer them.

The materials have:

  • Pictures. This is very important since I want to focus on syntax not semantics and auditory recall, one thing at a time. At times, targeting WH questions during stories at the beginning of a treatment program is just too overwhelming.
  • Varying levels of difficulty. I start with a simple sentence scramble and then move up to creating and answering questions. It is good that a child feels confident and has the "right amount of challenge" to learn while still being successful.
  • No-print options. Since teletherapy is necessary at the moment, I made these materials using Google Slides. However, the interactiveness of the materials is NECESARY!

How To Use Materials
First: I have simple "unscramble sentences" for each question word.

These materials must be used in "edit mode" to work. The child can create WH questions, practice syntax, and practice repeating the questions. This level of practice has the most amount of cues.

Second: I challenge the student to create a WH question and then answer it! You can click to give a clue for the next word in the phrase if they are stuck.

Click the link to grab 2 free decks.

Grab Materials Now!

Attention Members

There is a lot new. I have the materials uploaded in a few different spots you can find them. For the new materials, scroll to the bottom!

Winter Hidden Pictures

These are to be used in PowerPoint and in "present mode"

  • B
  • CH
  • D
  • F
  • G
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • L
  • M
  • N
  • P
  • R
  • S
  • SH
  • T
  • TH
  • V
  • Z
winter games

WH Questions

To access these decks, scroll to the bottom. The unscramble must be used in Edit Mode so it will prompt you to "make a copy." The other decks must be used in "present mode."
  • who - unscramble
  • what - unscramble
  • where - unscramble
  • when - unscramble
  • why - unscramble
  • where - write and answer
  • when - write and answer
  • who - write and answer
  • what doing - write and answer
  • why - write and answer - coming soon!

WH questions

Tier 2 Vocab Decks

Remember, use these decks in present mode or they won't work.

  • K Verbs
  • K Seasons/Weather
  • K Classroom Words
  • 1st Verbs
  • 1st Math Words
  • 1st Feelings
  • 2nd Verbs
  • 2nd Science
  • 2nd Classroom Words
  • 3rd Verbs
  • 3rd Science
  • 3rd Geography

vocabulary materials

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