2 year old daughter not talking- Apraxia?

by danielle
(austin, tx)


My daughter is 2 years old and not saying anything. She interacts with me fine, hugs, smiles but no talking. My friend heard that this may be apraxia. Can you help me understand what it is and what kind of treatment I should give her? I am still confused about it.


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Oct 10, 2013
Recommend an Assessment
by: Anonymous

First of all, this is a great question. I’m so glad that you asked it. Many parents ask similar questions almost daily. You are not alone!!

My first piece of advice - get a speech and language assessment from a qualified speech pathologist as soon as possible. This is the only way to truly know what is going on. It is always better to know and if your child needs therapy, the earlier you start the better the outcome.

For tips on finding a speech pathologist, check out find a speech pathologist from the navigation on the left. It reviews the various options depending on the age of your child.

The treatment for childhood apraxia of speech is similar to the treatment for articulation disorders; however, it is usually more intense and motor based. However, again, treatment plans vary from child to child even when the diagnosis is the same.

From what you describe, your child could be on track, have a language delay, or a speech delay! For specific tips on what to do at home, I again recommend an assessment first.

Hope that helps!

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