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Carryover of Progress Happens Here!

Welcome to Sentence Level Games for V. Yeah! 

I want you to throw away your cards because when your child sees "speech flashcards," he or she goes in to "speech mode." In "speech mode," your child says target words easier. It is a controlled situation without many distractions. However, when your child is not in "speech mode," he or she may not say the sound right.

So, at this level, we are going to work on saying V during functional speech games. Your child will start to transition their speech progress into their automatic, everyday speech. 

My Best Practice Tips:

1. At the beginning of each game, remind your child that you guys are going to play games using the good V sound. 

2. Introduce the target sentences and then practice them with your child before starting.

3. Incorporate as many repetitions of the target sentences as possible.

4. Make sure you, the parent, takes turns during games. You have the opportunity to model the target sentences  correctly. 

5. Don't forget to give appropriate verbal, visual, and tactile cues as needed.

Lastly, remember to have fun!!



This is an easy game to play in the car or during a meal. It works on categorization as well!

Target Sentences: My favorite is...

How to Play: One person thinks of a category such as fruit. The other player has to think of 3 favorite to least favorite items that fit into the category (most to least). The player answering the question must say..."My favorite fruit is.."

Example Script:

  • Parent:  Let's play favorites with our good V sound. My category is fruit.
  • Child: My favorite fruit is apple. My next favorite is mango. My least favorite is banana.
  • Parent: Good answers! Your turn to think of a category.
  • Child: Okay. My category is video games.
  • Parent: etc...


This "conversation" game that is sweet to play before bed or to start the day off right

Target Sentences: I love .....

How to Play: Talk about all the people or things that you and your child loves. That's it! It is a sweet game that can be "played" easily throughout the day. 

Example Script:

  • Parent: Let's talk about all the people we love!
  • Child: I lobe you
  • Parent: I love you too. Can you try that again with your good V sound? 
  • Child: I love you. 
  • Parent: Good job! Who else do you love?
  • Child: I love daddy, I love grandma
  • etc....

Find the Treasure

Practicing hiding things around the house and then have fun finding them.

Target Sentences:  You are very close, You are very far, You are very very very close

How to Play: One player (hider) hides an object in a room. The other person starts to look for it (the seeker). If the seeker starts to get close, the hider says "you are very close." As the seeker gets closer, the hider adds more "verys" to the sentence (more V practice!). If the hider starts to wander farther away from the object, the hider uses the sentence "you are very far." 

Example Script:

  • Child: I hid the ball. Try and find it
  • Parent: (starts looking)
  • Child: You are very far
  • Parent: (changes direction)
  • Child: You are very close
  • Parent: (keeps looking in the same direction)
  • Child: You are very very close
  • Parent: (keeps looking in the same direction)
  • Child: You are very very very very close
  • Parent: (finds ball under basket). I found it! My turn to hide.

Jump Over

Get out a pillow, blocks or something you and your child can jump over.

Target Sentences:  Jump over

How to Play: Lay an obstacle on the ground like a pillow. See if your child can jump over it. Before jumping, your child must say "jump over the pillow."

Example Script: 

  • Parent: Do you think you can jump over this pillow?
  • Child: Yeah
  • Parent: Okay, try! Say "jump over pillow first"
  • Child: Jump over pillow (jumps)
  • Parent: Yeah! You did it! Do you think I can?
  • Child: Maybe, try
  • Parent: Jump over pillow (jumps)
  • etc...

We are going on a trip down a river...

This campfire game is good for practicing V and improving memory skills. 

Target Sentences: We are going on a trip down a river and I'm going to bring___--

How to Play: One player starts the game by saying "We are going on a trip down a river and I'm going to bring _____" (insert any object here). The next player has to say "We are going on a trip down a river and I'm going to bring _____" (previous object and a new object). The next player says the same sentence, repeats the previous responses, and adds one more. The game continues like this until one person can't remember all the answers. It is a fun game but remember to practice V with the word river. 

Example Script: 

  • Child: We are going on a trip down a river and I'm going to bring an iPad
  • Parent: We are going on a trip down a river and I'm going to bring an iPad and apple
  • Child: We are going on a trip down a river and I'm going to bring an iPad, apple, and pillow
  • etc....

Simon Says

This twist on the classic game "Simon Says" will motivate any child!

Target Sentences: Simon Says move...

How to Play: The leader says "Simon says move.....and then a direction". For example, the leader says "Simon says move up and down and turn around." Everyone playing has to move up and down and turn around. If the leader does not say "Simon says move" before giving a direction, then the direction is not to be followed. If a person does follow a direction without hearing "Simon says move" first, he or she loses.  The major twist here is adding the word move. This is the most important since it is where your child practices V!

Example Script of Sentences:

  • Child: Simon says move forward
  • Parent: (moves forward)
  • Child: Simon says move in circles
  • Parent: (turns around)
  • Child: Simon says clap
  • Parent: (Claps)
  • Child: I didn't say move! haha
  • Parent: opps! Good job on saying all your V sounds correctly though. I'm proud of you!


Do five of anything. Count five things. Give high fives

Target Sentences: Will depend on the situation

How to Play: How to play this game will depend highly on the parent and the child. Some children like to collect things. If this is the case, count the collected items with your child while making sure to pay attention to the number 5. Throw the ball 5 times and count each turn. Give a high five after a job well done. The "game" is endless!

Example Script of Sentences: Depends on the situation

  • Parent: Wow, you found a lot of shells. Let's count them!
  • Child: One, two, three, four, fibe
  • Parent: Oh, let's try that again using our good V sound!
  • Child: One, two, three, four, five
  • Parent: Good job!


I always end my practice ideas with my most functional conversational game. This one revolves around meal time since we eat everyday. 

Target Words: I will have...., Can I have...?

How to "Play:" This is not a game at all. Instead, be aware of the word "have" during meals. If your child asks for something on the table and uses the word "have," make sure he or she uses the good V sound! Use a sticker or motivation chart to increase participation and awareness if needed.

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