Toddler Vocabulary

Vocabulary learning is arguably one of the most important foundational language skills; however, it is not as simple as knowing the definition of a word. To learn more of vocabulary learning, check out our learning vocabulary page. But, be sure to come back!

This page focuses on location of vocabulary words.

For example, 

  • Where do you find flowers (vocabulary word)?
  • Where do you see flowers (vocabulary word)?

Language Milestones Targeted

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

  • Uses about 500 words 
  • Speaks with 4+ word phrases 
  • Understands 900 words 

Flashcard Game: Location

To first teach this vocabulary skill, I suggest using flashcard cards. It is concrete and without many distractions. 

What You Need: Location Flashcards

How to Play: Sit down at a table with your child and show him/her a card. Ask one of the questions below: 

  • Where do you find ____(vocabulary word)?
  • Where do you see _____(vocabulary word)?

For example, 

  • Where do you see a bird? In the sky
  • Where do you find shoes? In a store, In a house, On feet

If your child doesn’t know the answer, give it to him/her and explain your reasoning.  Then ask the question again.

Tip: Practice the flashcards for a few weeks or until it seems like your child is getting the hang of it. However, don't spend too much time here. Move on to the games below. They are more functional and you will see faster progress when time is spent on them. 

The games for location are the same as function. If you have read that page already, you are ready to go! If not, read below.


What You Need: Your child’s favorite toys

How to Play: While playing with your child, ask about where you would find certain toys. Some easy and common ones to focus on are:

  • Cars: Outside, On a road
  • Play Food: Kitchen, Restaurant
  • Tea Set: Kitchen
  • Blocks: Playroom
  • Animals: Farm, Zoo, Home
  • Trains: Train tracks, Outside
  • Planes: Airport, Sky
  • Bus: Street, School
  • etc….

Try to make your questions as natural as possible and try to avoid playtime turning into a quiz. To accomplish this, ask questions while you play such as:

  • “Oh, you have a airplane. Where can you see real airplanes?” 

Hopefully, your child will say “in the sky!” If not, tell them the right answer and get back to playing. 

Location Day

What you Need: Nothing!

How to Play: In your mind, decide to focus on location of vocabulary words one day. Personally, I would set my calendar so I would actually remember to do it! Throughout the day while in the car, shopping, playing, eating, etc…., ask your child about where you see certain objects

  • Where do you find ____(vocabulary word)?
  • Where do you see _____(vocabulary word)?

The great thing about this “game” is that your child is exposed to and challenged with a variety of different vocabulary words. Also, your child is thinking and talking about where things are located in their natural environment. The goal here is that he/she will then start to think in this manner about all new vocabulary concepts...forever :)

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