Toddler Concepts
Big & Little

There are many ways to learn the concepts of "big" and "little." It doesn't take any extra work. Instead, just be aware of the concepts as you go about your day. Make sure to talk about "big" and "little" during different activities. This will help generalize and solidify the skill!

Language Milestones Targeted

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

  • Uses about 200-300 words consistently 
  • Uses words to get attention 
  • Understands 500 words 
  • Follows 2-step directions 
  • Knows simple concepts: big, little, in, out 
  • Understand contrasting concepts: up vs down 

Play Time

What You Need: Legos, animals, or any toy that varies in size

How To Play: Get out a box of toys such as Legos. Make sure the toys vary in size. This is the most important part! How you play will depend on the language level of your child. I will give 3 different variations below. 

1st Variation: This first example is a receptive language task (listening). Show your child 2 different blocks that vary in size. Ask your child to grab the little Lego or the big Lego.  Ask in random order "big" and "little" so your child learns the concepts instead of a pattern. 

2nd Variation: This second example is an expressive language task. Have you child be the leader. He or she will tell you which Lego to choose to build, big or little. This will give your child an opportunity to practice saying the words as well.

3rd Variation: This third example is a combination of both expressive and receptive language tasks. Organize all the Legos into 2 piles. One pile is for the big Legos and the other pile is for the little Legos. Make sure to talk about the concepts as you decide with your child where each Lego goes. 

Other Concepts To Target:

  • Small
  • Lots
  • Colors

Tower Competition

What You Need: Building Blocks

How To Play: Get out your blocks. If you don't have blocks, you can use empty boxes such as cereal boxes or shoe boxes. Empty yogurt containers work well too!

Now, the competition can begin! Each player builds a tower. When the towers are done, it is time to decide which one is big and which one is little. Have your child be the judge. Once you child becomes good at comparing, start creating towers upon command. This means, decide before hand to make little towers or big towers. 

Other Concepts To Target: 

  • Colors
  • Hard 
  • Soft
  • Bumpy 
  • Smooth


What You Need: Crayons, markers, or pencils, and paper

How To Play: Draw with your child. What you draw will depend on the drawing skills of your child. I like to use lines. Draw little lines and big lines. Or, draw a picture and then decide what shapes or colors are big and what are little. This "game" is very open ended. Ultimately, follow your child's lead and make sure to incorporate lots of "little and big talk" along the way.

Other Concepts To Target: 

  • Shapes
  • Colors

Dinner Time

What You Need: Dinner (it's easy since it already happens daily!)

How To Play: There are many ways to "play" this game. I will list all the ideas I can think of... Talk about big or little bites, big or little vegetables, big or little silverware, big or little ice cubes, big or little glasses, big or little pieces of fruit, big or little meals, big or little pieces of food.

Other Concepts To Target: 

  • Yummy
  • Yucky
  • Hot
  • Cold

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