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Teach CH To Your Child

Learn how to teach CH to your child and then practice this skill at the syllable level. Your child will learn how to say CH correctly in the beginning, medial, and end of syllables. If you are just starting your home practice, this is a very important first step.

Teach CH 

I like to use a mirror during the initial teaching phase. This technique works well for most children. If your child is distracted by it, remove it. You can follow each step simply by looking at each other.

Teaching Techniques

Try these ideas first. If you get a good CH, you are done!

1. Have your child say "choo-choo" like a train. If your child can say CH with this technique you are lucky and you are done. Move down to the syllable practice. If not, keep reading.

2. Tell your child to say "achoo" as if he or she was sneezing. Demonstrate this first and make sure to exaggerate the "ah" and the "choo." I like to pretned like I am sneezing as well. Have your child try it. If this works, you are done! Move on to syllable practice below. 

Need more help? Keep reading. 

1. If CH sound like Sh, your child's tongue is in the correct place. Now, you need to teach your child to make a hard, short sound. Draw the letters T and SH on a piece of paper. Have your child say SH while pointing the letter. Then, have your child say T while pointing to the letter. Once your child understands, have him or her say T and then SH right after one another (pretty quickly.) Keep trying this until you hear a "ch."

2. Sometimes pairing words together makes the process easier. Have your child say "hit sheep" as quickly as possible over and over again. You should start to hear "he cheap" soon. Once your child can say CH with this technique, have him or her repeat CH multiple times to get the feel for it.

3. If CH sounds like S, the tongue is too far forward. Tell your child to bring the tongue back farther in the mouth. You can move your hand forward to back to encourage the tongue to move back. Once the tongue is back, it may sound like SH. If this is the case, try the techniques listed above. 

Moving on to Syllables:

Now, you are ready to practice CH in syllables! Move through the list below while playing around with which cues work best for your child.

Syllable Practice


Work on syllables for a few minutes a few times a day or until your child learns how to say them correctly. Aim for about 80%


Don’t forget to fill out the syllable chart above so you can remember what you tried and how it went! 

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When your child is saying CH right most of the time in syllables, about 80%, quickly move on to the word level! 

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