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Welcome to our speech therapy store! Most materials listed below can be found at our Speech Therapy Talk Membership site; however, you may not NEED everything You may just need one or two materials.

All of our materials are research based, with your child's or student's progress in mind. There are no gimmicks or tricks here!

All materials are sold at a very inexpensive rate! I wish I could give it away for free but my kids gotta eat :)

Explore what's new and check back frequently because I will be adding to it as frequently as my darlings allow. More will be added daily!

Child Language Development eBooks!

Baby Talk
0-12 Months

Start your baby's language development off on the right foot easily with our effective tips. Every parent NEEDS this book! 

Toddler Talk
(Not Talking Yet)

Our most popular eBook for all parents. Encourage first words without tears and learn healthy language habits early!

Toddler Talking
(Just started Talking)

Our second eBook! This eBook is written for children who just started talking but are still behind. Lots more language games and tips for parents. 

Preschool Talk
(Preschool Years)

Your child talking but not caught up? Is your child in speech and you want to do more? Want to create a language rich home? 

Articulation Materials: Parents & SLP

SLP Artic Home Practice

Creating a home program that actually works for your articulation students in minutes!! We have all the materials you need for all sounds. 

S Practice For Parents

Does your child have a lisp? Trouble saying S? Not making progress in speech therapy? Didn't qualify? We got you covered!

Bilingual Materials

Spanish speech therapy flashcards are finally here! As a bonus, we added some flashcard games that can be given as home practice. 


Case History Form

Reduce paperwork time and improve organization with our AMAZING Google Drive case history form.

Private Practice
Start Up Pack

Starting private practice? Need to re-vamp and streamline paperwork? We can help!

Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference.

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