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Home Program: Spanish!

If a child speaks more than one language, we all know that therapy should be done in the stronger language. HOWEVER, we all don't speak every language out there.

I work with quite a few bilingual students and I am raising my own children bilingually. I have been quite frustrated by the disconnect of progress made in therapy (in English) and the home language.

To help with this, I have created a some FUNCTIONAL bilingual articulation materials. By functional, I have a "cheat sheet" so parents can learn how to say each sound and then how to cue their child. I feel that progress is made faster when parents have a better idea of the mechanics behind speech.

Then, I attached a cue sheet. You can simply circle which cues work best for the your client. Then, the cues will be consistent across settings. 

I also have a FUNCTIONAL games that parents can play with their children throughout the day. We all know that if speech is practiced in naturally in different settings with daily, functional vocabulary, progress happens quicker.

For your convenience, I also have a weekly, blank "homework" sheet where you, the therapist or teacher, can fill in weekly goals. In order to help parents, we also create a "articulation cheat sheet" to explain common jargon. All you have to do is print out the weekly homework and cheat sheet, write in current goal and print off flashcards or games ideas.  

That's it! You have a functional, easy home program in Spanish! 

Home Artic Program: Spanish

Homework Sheets

Please download a copy of the homework sheets to your Google Drive or print a PDF form. Fill out the form and give it to your child's parents for home practice. Don't forget the flashcards (if needed), game ideas (if needed), and explanation of how to practice!

1. Articulation Screening Tool (Spanish)

1. Articulation Tool (English Translation)

Blank Homework Sheet

Articulation Therapy Cheat Sheet

Functional Games

Each game has word, sentences, and conversational level practice ideas! When I give parents flashcards to practice at home, I fill out the homework sheet and indicate which level of practice the child is at such as word, sentence, or conversational level of practice. Then, attach a flashcard game, and again, circle the level of practice. 

Articulation Flashcards, Word Lists, Cues, Games & More!














That's it! Let us know if you find any missing links or corrections. Thanks and enjoy! We are working hard on the Spanish version, stay tuned!

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