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Top 5 Benefits Private Practice Speech Therapy

Read all about my top 5 benefits for private practice speech therapy. Learn why your child might need private therapy.

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Free Speech Language Screening Tool

Get results and recommendations instantly with our free speech language screening tool.

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Top 5 Tips For Reading To Toddlers

Reading to toddlers is crucial for language development. Make it count!

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How To Ask Your Child Who Has a Communication Disorder About Their Day

Learn how to ask a child about their day even if they have a communication disorder!

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Is It Attention Deficit or Speech Delay?

Ever wonder if your child has an attention deficit or speech delay? Sometimes it is hard to know which one is the root of the problem. We can help here!

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Preschool Talk

We have EVERYTHING you need to help develop your preschooler's speech and language skills. Read about preschool talk right here.

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Toddler Talking

Does your toddler have a speech and language delay? We can help with our Toddler Talking eBook!

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I am worried about my grandson's verbal skills

My grandson is 27 months old and only says a few words. His parents and all four grandparents try to work with him, always naming everything we see,and

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Speech Therapy Diagnosis - Is It Necessary?

Is is necessary that your child get a speech therapy diagnosis? Find out why you should or shouldn't pursue one.

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Articulation Therapy Materials

Whether you are a parent or a professional, everything you need for artic is here with our articulation therapy materials!!

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