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Preschool Talk

We have EVERYTHING you need to help develop your preschooler's speech and language skills. Read about preschool talk right here.

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Toddler Talking

Does your toddler have a speech and language delay? We can help with our Toddler Talking eBook!

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I am worried about my grandson's verbal skills

My grandson is 27 months old and only says a few words. His parents and all four grandparents try to work with him, always naming everything we see,and

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Speech Therapy Diagnosis - Is It Necessary?

Is is necessary that your child get a speech therapy diagnosis? Find out why you should or shouldn't pursue one.

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Articulation Therapy Materials

Whether you are a parent or a professional, everything you need for artic is here with our articulation therapy materials!!

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which sensory therapy should we choose?

So, I was thinking about sensory therapy for my son Brian, 11. He has this difficulty answering questions and, basically, he's not saying anything unless

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Road Trip Games - Technology FREE!

Your child can be entertained with our road trip games that don't use technology!!

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Parenting Tips

Find lots of parenting tips to help your special needs child!

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Speech Therapy Wrapping Paper

Wondering what to do with all your crumpled up wrapping paper? Speech therapy, of course! Find out how with our speech therapy wrapping paper ideas.

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Speech Therapy Christmas Trees

Target any speech or language goal with our speech therapy Christmas tree ideas.

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