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Welcome to Speech Therapy at Home: R Home Articulation Practices. This is your home page for all things R. Please bookmark or add to your favorites so you can refer back to it as your child progress through each level. 

R...the dreaded R! Many children have difficulty saying R and it happens to be very tricky to teach as well. Even speech therapists struggle with this sound. However, don't let this discourage you! I will walk you through how to say and teach R. 

R is a relatively later developing sound, usually acquired by 8 years of age. Some children master this sound earlier; but it is normal to make errors up until 8 years of age. 

Below you will find:

  1. How say R & effective teaching cues 
  2. How To Teach R
  3. Practices at the word level
  4. Practices at the sentence level
  5. An extra copy of all the materials you will need 

Quick Links For R Practice

How to Say R

In order to teach R to your child effectively, you must know how to say R yourself. I will teach you tactile, verbal, and visual cues as well. 

This section is a MUST READ!  It is important to understand the mechanics behind making the R sound since it is not as intuitive as the other sounds. Once you have the language to describe how to say R, you will be better able to coach your child.

How to Say R

Teach R

There are many ways to teach R to a child. First, I will explain tips on how to teach correct tongue and lip positioning. Next, I will explain the elicitation techniques for which I have had the most success during my years of practice. Your child will most likely respond better to some technqiues. Feel free to use the ones that help your child the most. 

Teach R

Word Level

At this level, your child will now start practicing saying R in words. Don't forget to work on R in the beginning, middle, and end of words. Your child's mouth has to coordinate and move muscles differently depending on where the sound falls within a word.

This stage may last a bit longer! However, don’t get stuck here if your child misses a word here or there. 100% accuracy is rare and not necessary!

Once your child can say R in words, move on to the sentence level below.

Visit R Word Level: Drill Practice & Games to get started

Sentence Level

This is the most exciting phase since this is where a new speech habit is solidified. 

In order to encourage carryover of progress, you will throw away all speech cards and practice saying R in sentences during structured games.

Visit R Sentence Level Games to get started

Below you will find a copy of all the materials given throughout the R section. Refer back to this section for quick re-printing!




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