Speech Therapy At Home:
Parent's Step-By-Step Guide

Welcome to Speech Therapy at Home

We are so glad you put your trust in us to help you teach and practice speech skills with your child, children, and/or students! We have materials for parents to practice speech and language skills at home, for professionals to help guide home practice, informational handouts, and ways to make documentation easier!

New Facebook Group!

We are piloting a new secret Facebook group for our members only. It is a safe and secure place to ask questions, share ideas, vent, and more! The great thing about this page is that you can get real speech therapists to answer questions. No more falling for a quick scam that doesn't work or wondering if you have the best possible advice!

If you are interested, please email us at bridget@speechtherapytalk.com!

Parent's Members Area is Divided into 2 Sections:

1. Speech Articulation Section

  • This section is for children who have difficulty saying sounds

2. Language Development Section

  • This section is for children who have difficulty with saying words, understanding language, grammar, story telling, following directions, and much more!

Choose your section and get started!

Speech/Articulation Section

Below is a chart with each sound divided by age. The age signifies when the sound is typically mastered by. You can loosely follow these guidelines. If you have specific questions if a sound is appropriate for your child, please contact us. Allow 2-3 days for a response (we have quite a few!)

Please click on the sound to start practicing. 

3 Year Old Sounds






4 Years Old

5 Years Old


6 Years Old



7 Years Old





8 Years Old





Language Development Section 

Infant: 0-12 Months

Your child is never too young to start learning expressive and receptive language skills. At this age, parents do most of the heavy lifting. It is all about exposing your child to language, vocabulary, social games, and imitation skills. 

In this section, learn about how to talk to your child. Yes, there are right ways to do that! Then explore fun ideas and games to play with your child to help reach their speech language milestones. This will include imitation skills and social games.

Toddler: 1-2 Years

The section is appropriate for any toddler who isn't talking yet or just saying a few words! These next few years are exciting and VERY important for language development. A strong foundation for later language, reading, and writing skills is being built!

Learn effective ways to talk with your child, how to teach imitation skills, a painless way to encourage first words, and how to ask questions the correct way!

Learn all about it here!

Toddler: 2-3 Years

This section is for toddlers who are already speaking using one word phrases with a vocabulary over 15 words. If your child does not speak using single words yet, still click here and check out the listening games.

At this age, your child can start to work on speech skills if needed. Click here to find out what sounds should be mastered by this age and if not, easy ways to work on them. 

Start now!

Toddler: 3-4 Years 

Language is rapidly developing this year. Children are learning vocabulary, grammar skills, phonological awareness, and early story structure.

At this age, your child is also working on speech sounds and intelligibility should be improving, almost to 100%. Click below to find out what sounds should be mastered by this age and if not, easy ways to work on them. 

Start now!