Speech Therapy Activities

Whether you are a professional or a parent, we have speech therapy activities just for you! There are lots of tips and free ideas here so stay awhile and explore. Activities are broken down by areas of need. Our gift to you!

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Articulation Speech Therapy Activities

Articulation or speech therapy is all about improving how we say sounds and words. There is a systematic approach to learning how to say sounds correctly. Learn more about it, how to practice at home, and then click on a sound to get access to free word lists and game ideas! Get started by clicking the link below.

Late Talkers, First Words

Ahhh, our babies first words! How exciting and fun...unless your child is a late talker. Then, this happy time can be quite stressful as you wait for first words to appear!

We have speech therapy activities to help encourage your toddler to start talking. Also, you MUST read up on how to talk and play with your child.

It really will make the biggest difference.

Helpful Links to Get Started

Bilingual Speech Therapy

We have just started our Spanish speech therapy materials section. Most of our materials are aimed at speech therapists but we are creating some materials for parents as well. Check out what we have right and stay tuned!

However, there is a lot of misinformation on bilingual speech therapy and how to introduce multiple languages at home. Please explore the links below for research based ideas!

Structured Program: Articulation & Language Ideas Broken Down By Age

Some parents and professionals want a step by step guide on what to work on, what skills are expected at what age, and why! To help these visitors, we created an inexpensive membership site with LOTS of speech therapy activities broken down by age and skill. For more information, click here!

Free Ideas Using Things Around The House!

I saved the best for last! These free speech therapy activities are my favorite because they show that therapy materials and therapy ideas don’t have cost money or be complicated. Language/words are free after all, and we learn best from people. That is all that is truly needed!

Click on the link below to explore ideas on how to work on speech and language skills at home using things found around the house. There is something for everyone and new activities are being added here quite frequently.

Don't know if your child needs speech therapy?

We worry about our children all the time. It is natural! Sometimes are worries are spot on and sometime they are needless. We just want the best for your children!! If you are on the fence as to if your child even needs speech therapy, then check out our free screening tools to help you decide.

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